About Shrink that Fat

Lose pounds while you save pounds and NOT feel hungry.
We are giving you proven and successful scientific advice that has been followed by hundreds of our members, with enormous success.
This is NOT a fad diet, there are no gimmicks.
This is a Way Of Eating that enables you to utilize your own body fat as your source of energy

What if we told you that within a few weeks you could begin to see the following changes as a result of following our Ketogenic nutritional and ‘quantum’ training advice?
You can become :

> Healthier,Fitter and have loads more energy to enjoy life, because you will be tapping into your own body fat for energy
> Lose weight, or rather body fat without ever having to go hungry
> Your exercise routine will take less than one hour a week, and you will be the most effective you could ever imagine.
> Metabolic and inflammatory illnesses can be controlled, even disappear, as can your medication.
> You will look and feel so much better.

We currently have a client base of over 3,000 on our wonderful Ketogenic Generation Facebook site (our sister site), and our clients claim to feel more confident, feel calmer, less stressed. Their mood improves and they acquire such a clarity of thought, and more ‘in tune’ with nature, not to mention the weight loss they have achieved. As you will see, since we will share their success stories with you.

> Your quality of sleep will improve.
> Eating will cost you less than you spend currently.
> A Ketogenic lifestyle is proving to improve longevity due to it’s anti aging hormonal effects.
> You will look and feel younger.

You can achieve all these, and more if you follow our Ketogenic lifestyle, that is Quantum Training and Nutrition.

15 yrs of pain medication for my back. I’ve been off my meds for about a fortnight (was informed by GP and consultant that I’d be on meds for the rest of my life) and I’ve been pain free. There really aren’t words to express how truly grateful I am to John and Zoe for their guidance, patience and advice…its a proper life changer anyway I think I have turned a corner, today I have been on it, clear headed, ridiculous amounts of energy and happy to the point of being giddy…I guess what I’m trying to say is that as good as the weight loss is NOTHING can compare to the feeling of being healthy and in control of your own body.

Ian Nineplan

knowledgeable persons in this field. Zoe is very eager and passionate about this regime and has a very good understanding of it all already which is very impressive. Needless to say that I’m a convert and if it’s ok with everyone I’ll keep you posted about how I get on and any meds I don’t feel I need any more. I’ve been on this woe for two days now and tbh I don’t feel much different but I’m sure that will change as my wife Well, what can I say? I’ve just met up with my long time friend , Zoe Louise Melvin and the guru that is John Mason to have a chat about this woe. As I have had a heart attack I was dubious as to try this or not but my mind is now at rest. John knows his stuff alright and has to be one of the most and daughter are on week four and look and feel great plus have lost loads of weight. That’s all for now apart from “thank you John and Zoe ” for meeting me and being so friendly. There’s no better feeling in the world, than giving people there health back …. Thanks John Mason . I salute you !!!


For those of you disheartened because you’ve not lost any weight on this woe.. I’ve been on it 6 weeks and put weight on… BUT I’ve been for an in body assessment (measures everything from bmi to hydration) and I’ve gone from 35% body fat to 27%.. My muscle tone has gone up loads! And my visceral fat (around my organs) has come down 10%.. It’s in black and white.. So anyone want proof and I’ll send you copies of the documents I’ve got.. Doing it again in 6 weeks !! Over the moon

John Mason

12 week tomorrow since starting. I’ve gone from 11st 6 to 9st 9. I’m happy with that. Lost loads of inches everywhere too. I’m loving it. Best thing ever joining the Keto family.


So after 3 weeks of eating butter, cream (jersey and clotted),whole eggs, lovely meats and enjoying some of the best food I’ve ever tasted all while “giving up” Fruit, most veg (getting less each day) and salads I’ve never felt better. My skin (to me) is Fantastic, my body feels clean inside and strong and I’m down 12lbs.


Been on woe for a few weeks I was 12st:2lbs now I’m just tethering slightly over 11st I’m happy.


Just sorted my entire wardrobe out! A great feeling knowing some stuff is too big and some items I will be fitting in again! Happy days indeed! Just realised I haven’t actually eaten breakfast yet! That would never have happened before this woe!


Massive 9lb lost this week!!!! Feel great but wife is worried. Lol 1st 3Ib lost it 4 weeks. Get on!!!!!!


My 13 yr old has now lost 14 lb on this woe a few cheats here and there but still a good loss for her, in nine weeks….


Another 3lbs off this week. That’s 1st 3lbs in 5 weeks, and 12 of them Lbs are in the 3 weeks I’ve been on this woe xxx


4 weeks in 1.4stone lost. And it’s treat night tonight. Keto curry home made of course. Nice glass of prosecco and 85% chocolate. Think I’m ready for this. (After all it is my Saturday night).


Wha ooo only been doing this 3 days and lost 6lb amazing but to be honest now I’ve found out what I can and can’t eat day by day I’m finding it easier xx thanks guys for this and all your help.